Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Telecoms Boom in India and MDM Story

Telecom market is undergoing a boom. Mobiles industry have completely revolutionized the Telecom market . Especially for a country like India wherein a significant percent of population do not have stable home, the landlines are becoming misnomers. The Indian story of telecoms is quite different from the world. Specific difference between mobile users in India and other developed countries are:-

  • The high end phones are not much in demand but instead the cheaper ones which suffice the purpose are more in demand. The Nokia 3000 series is still the most used series of mobile easily available in 1000-1500 Rs. This is the usual rate which significant person of the population prefers and there is a variety of choice available from vendors like Samsung, Nokia, Micromax and others in this range. School going to Road sweepers dangle this piece of electronics like proud

  • The rates per minute had gone down to as low as 30 paisa /per minute. In our age also at least there is something that comes in paise . This is lesser than the landlines rate of BSNL.

  • The pre-paid customers can recharge their mobiles with amounts as low as 5 Rs.Wow!!. That is less than the amount that we pay for an ice-cream also.

  • A significant person of the population uses pre-paid packages, so the vendors need to be quite competitive in coming up with offers that could attract the customers to use their services. The case wherein the recharge can be done for as low rates as 5 Rs. is an example of that.

One of the mobile vendors came out with a wonderful advertisement wherein people are recognized by their mobile numbers in villages since it has become so affordable and easy to use. Remember Abhishek Bachchan grinning on the exclamation “Wah kya idea hai Sirji”. Looks like a huge competition to the UID project.

So what does it mean?

Countries like India and China are redefining lot of sectors and domain because of their size and population. The Telecom sectors especially in India would require the capability of a good MDM implementation involving multi-domain MDM capabilities to bring more profit and value to the customers and the vendors. A good MDM solution can provide capabilities like:-

  • Multi domain capabilities to bring Customer, Vendor and Product
  • Account and Terms and Agreement capabilities between Customer, Vendor and Product
  • Fraud Management
  • Up-Sale and Cross-Sales of Products
  • Understand the Customer Value Chain
  • Campaign Management
  • Rounded view of customer
  • Product Bundles and Variants

These are some of the Use Case where in an MDM Solution can directly make an impact and create a smarter Telecom sector.