Friday, 11 February 2011

Account domain in MDM Server

InfoSphere MDM Server is one of the MDM Solutions which provides multi-domain support along with multi-style. One of the domains that it supports out of the box is Account domain.

What is a Account in MDM terminology?
An Account is an an agreement between two parties with terms and conditions which is enforced by the MDM Server. An account leads to purchase of a product by one party from another party leading to creation of an agreement. For e.g take the case of a customer creating a savings account in a bank. Here the bank and the customer are the two parties forming an agreement when the customer buys the product savings account.

An account domain can be used to provide support for value packages. Value Package allows providing bundle multiple products which can be then sold to customer. This concept can be used in the financial as always telco line of businesses. In telecom also the concept of value package is quite useful. Take the case wherein a customer purchases a mobile connection and a GPRS connection is provided to him as a value package and these two are stored as accounts in the MDM System. The rules and details of the product like a mobile connection is defined by Term and Agreement of that product.

The account domain support was added in MDM 8.0 and has become stable with the releases.