Thursday, 18 July 2013

IBM InfoSphere MDM V11 is out!

Back to my blogs after a long time. And the break was for no other reason than the fact that was very busy in the Next release of MDM and here it is out after all the hardwork. :-)

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server V11 release brings in IBM InfoSphere MDM Advanced Edition aka DWLCustomer and IBM InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition aka Initiate lot more closer to each other. Both the engines go behind the same Enterprise Container and taking a step closer to a vision where Customer's can build plethora of MDM solutions raging from registry to transactional to hybrid styles of MDM Solutions.

The V11 release of MDM brings in a lot of new capabilities in the MDM product like :-
  1. Unified Advanced and Standard Edition Installer
  2. Unified Advanced and Standard Edition Workbench
  3. New BPM Based UIs with Embedded Workflow Engines
  4. OSGI’ied Engine/ backend making the customizations on the product much more easier
  5. Common security framework for the Combined engine
  6. Hybrid MDM style of implementation
In order to get more information on the latest version of the product, help yourself to the following links and get the latest information and insight.
Post topics for MDM V11 on which you would want more information. we can plan some of them as blogs and articles on the same.