Monday, 18 April 2011

Last week, I went to buy camera as our last one had become completely useless. I was interested in buying Sony but I was bowled by the options available. Come to it I had just come to buy a plain camera which could take some decent pictures, but then you had this root product of camera which had almost 20 variants like Series H, S,T etc and each of them had further sub variants. And then for each variant there are separate terms and condition which could override the root terms and condition like the warranty period, guarantee periods etc.

Similarly, there was this concept of bundling wherein if I bought the Sony LED 49 inches, I would get a Sony camera free. Well that was little too much to go for but then I realized how complicated the product structures can be.

At the back of my mind I was trying to map this to MDM Server Product domain capabilities. Can this whole structure be implemented in that solution? And yes we could. MDM Server structure capabilities allow saving variants of the products as well as supports complex relationships and bundles.

So finally going back to what I bought. Well still thinking. Hopefully I would be able to close on that soon.