Sunday, 15 July 2012

Government Department - Use Case for Registry Style MDM

In a Government Organization, there are lot of departments like Ration Card, Pension Scheme, and Student Scholarship etc. Each of this department has their own data which has been collected while providing cards, schemes etc for the people. Each of this department owns their data and do not want to share the same. To get to a single view without passing the ownership of the data forms a very good use case for a registry style implementation of MDM.

This is the reason why Initiate akka IBM InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition fits very well in such use cases. The UID implementation is again another department and other departments can use that for reference but UID does not own the data for other department. So UID will also not be able to provide a solution of owing the data of various departments. The complete journey of MDM to reach to a physical and transactional style of MDM may be long time away as far as the government organization go.

One another good use case for government organization is the data collected is in various Indian Languages. Initiate has good capability of being able to match when the data is in various native languages and can give very good results. However when the various department have language in various different language, transliteration capability have to be used to convert them into one language for the search to happen.

Fingers crossed to see some of the Government sector realizes and jumps at this option.