Thursday, 31 July 2014

Here it is -> IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management V11.3

As we know InfoSphere MDM is a comprehensive suite of products and capabilities that you can use to manage the master data in an organization. With V11.3 release it goes a step ahead to Big Data Platform as well

MDM V11.3 also brings in significant improvements to the products from Installation and Configuration and performance improvements. The Big Match capability in this version combines the proven IBM MDM probabilistic matching engine & pre-built algorithms & IBM InfoSphere BigInsights for customer matching natively within Hadoop

Along with theses there are some very good integration samples with Data Explorer and Salesforce which could give jump start in the integrations between these products with IBM MDM  A much more improved documentation using Knowledge Center will help in navigation to various sections lot more easier.

Bookmarks for MDM V11.3


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