Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Whats in store at IBM Software Universe

One of the easiest and the best way to reach to the customer is to invite all of them to an event and make them know about the product. At the same time ask their first hand feedback about the products they are working with. This is what Software Universe Event is all about.

The IBM Software Universe Event, 7th one in the last 7 years has Customers, SMEs, Sales and Marketing forum coming under one Umbrella in Mumbai. Some of the very exciting topics that would be covered around Information Management are Information and Analytics, Big Data and Streams. All what you wanted to know about how IBM is investing in Big data would be shown in the SWU Expo.

Big Data is the latest buzz in the Information management space. One of the major areas where Big Data can be used is how the Enterprise Information can be extended beyond the External Public Platform.

A simple Use case could be around a retail chain who has a multi-domain MDM solution in an Enterprise view. But at the same the Retail Chain also wants to know what a specific customer is talking about his products in the Social media. The Size of the Social Media Information that needs to be tabbed for this purpose would be huge and along with that it needs to be combined with live streams. All this can be combined in single view of the Customer and can give him the holistic view of the Customer in an Enterprise. And many more use cases that are there.

So do not miss the event to know more about IBM products.
Here is the link where you can register for this event for 2011:

Sunday, 25 September 2011

What type of data is master data?

Recently while doing a demo to one of the customer, one of the question that kept on hovering around most part of the discussion is "I have this attribute. Can I keep it in the Master Data Management Solution". The attributes that were chosen were price of a product, points earned by the customer and so forth.

The price of the product for that customer is something that would change multiple times in a single day and a similar thing could happen with the Point system. This definitely does not contribute to the Master data.

A lot of times it has been observed that customer does not clearly understand what Master Data is and often confuses it with a repository which can hold all their data like a Data Warehouse vis-à-vis a solution which could give them that single view of the customer or any entity. So it is very important to make the customer understand what Master Data is. The attributes that form a part of Master Data should not be highly transactional as then the objective of the MDM is lost.

Looking for views from other MDM Specialists.
One of the biggest marketing event by IBM in the month of October.

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