Sunday, 9 August 2015

MDM Installation Improvements

As a continuous effort on improving the actual Installation process of MDM, was released in the month of July with significant improvements to the same. MDM Installation flows now will follow a 2 step methodology that splits the install process into two parts –
  1. The first process is the Base Installation Process that leverages Installation Manager as the tool for collecting input parameters, for performing pre-requisite checks and for file extraction
  2. This is followed by the Configuration process which is an ant based command line utility that allows configuration of specific, user selected MDM Components in the target environment
In addition to the Base flow of Installation, various smaller enhancements have been done to the product like:-
  1. Support for SSL Enabled Database Installation. More details available at below location in Knowledge Centre - - !/SSWSR9_11.4.0/ 
  2.  Library of mad configuration scripts to modify configurations.More details available at below location in Knowledge Centre - -!/SSWSR9_11.4.0/
The new videos demonstrating this installation process in details has been published at the location