Sunday, 12 February 2012

20-20 Cricket match or Test Cricket

Any day if a cricket fan is asked what would he or she love to watch given a choice between 20-20 and Test match and 90%(I think) would probably say 20-20 . In fact a Test match has started taking the form of 20-20 and finish off in 3 days rather than the whole 5 days. Shehwag has to be blamed for that probably because of irrespective of what form of cricket he is playing he males century at the same speed. Poor guy he is just doing what he is naturally good at. :-)

Given the age and time that we are in why do we think that a customer would wait for 9 months to see a solution implemented. Talk about an MDM Solution and we say that any implementation will take nothing less than 9 months. The customer has every right to say then “Thank You” and move on. The MDM solution ROI has to be shown in lesser time and the complexity has to be hidden. That will be the point where we will be make exceptional growth in markets like India. The Customers in growth market do not have a huge IT department to implement complex solution and neither do they have a window big enough as 9 months to see the ROI.

IBM has taken a step in the right direction by acquiring Initiate into the MDM portfolio and enables customers to implement the simple MDM solution at the same time and realize the ROI earlier. The conceptualization of a virtual MDM to a physical MDM would allow the customer to see the MDM path and end goal much more clearly.

The IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management V10 is the latest release from IBM MDM portfolio. Find all the details about it on the following URL

Hope it it a step in the righ direction to convert some of the MDM Test matches to a 20-20 and customers come flocking towards it. :-)


  1. Very good analogy Shweta. Very exited about Initiate. Been working on few engagements and it's definitely a 20-20 speed implementation :)

    Can't wait to get on to a full fledged project with v10. It's going to be challenging and at same time fun with all new features.

  2. Thanks Prashantha. Glad you liked it. Me too very excited and hope we can turn it around locally too.

  3. Initiate was truly awesome - implemented major project in 3 months time.

    Experimenting it to support PIM. Its tricky but interesting.

  4. t20 world cup 2012 would be very interesting because all teams are very strong.who will win let c..

  5. Live TV Streaming Yes all teams are strong let c who will win according to me ..india or pakistan will win