Thursday, 10 June 2010

My first post to my own personal blog. And I would like to add something about myself here. I am a healthy, social, friendly person with a jest of life. One of my favourite past times is music and guess what gardening. Reading is something I would like to do more but somehow most of it now happens on the net only. Gone are the days when you could sit with a thick novel or a book and finish it within a day. But I sincerely hope I get the time to do that soon.

I have recently got into this social networking and blogging way of communication and I am loving it. The first and the formost thing I like here is :-

1. You dont have to worry much about the English that you write . Thank God for that.

2. It is almost like writing a diary but ofcourse with a word of caution. Nevertheless the experince is similar

Hope I can continue to keep my blog active. !!!