Sunday, 22 May 2011

Delhi Airport Wow !!

Sitting at the Delhi International airport, I was completely overwhelmed by the size and the standards that the airport had now. It had Terminals for domestic and international flights along with secured wireless connections. The immense size of the airport with most interesting places to shop and eat made my 5 hours wait at the airport almost unnoticeable. From Swaroski to Haldiram and Mc Donalds to Nirula’s , it had the right mix of the east meets the west kind of image. The standards were as good as any world class airports. :-)

But what completely took me by surprise was the big banner that I saw on terminal 3 which said “Smarter transportation for a smarter planet” and the known logo of IBM. The managed network infrastructure solution on terminal 3 was done by IBM in partnership with IBM International Airport. All the things that we have been working upon through IBM’s smarter planet initiative and to see them implemented while we actually reap its benefit (while I write this blog) was great.

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